A little bit about career break or sabbatical, they are a period of time out from employment. And as far as I can remember, the difference between career break and sabbatical is in sabbatical you are still employed during your time out, but not in career break. About the pros you can gain new perspective or skills, achieve personal fulfillment, travel, or just rejuvenate and rest. And the cons it can halt your career and might experience significant financial loss.

Instead of writing an article about software development, I will share my experience about taking a career break. …

In 2018, Oracle announced the 1.0 release of GraalVM.

GraalVM is a universal virtual machine for running applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, JVM-based languages like Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Clojure, and LLVM-based languages such as C and C++. [source]

One of the most interesting features for me is compilation to native binary (in GraalVM usually called Native Image) for JVM-based applications. Native Image means the compilation will be standalone, does not require JVM (like C, C++, or Golang), but it have trade-off (JIT vs AOT) and limitations.

Spring Framework, one of the most mature and most popular framework…

A few weeks ago I interested to try Quarkus, actually 1.0 was released last November, but I didn’t have much free time to try. Right now I have pretty much free time because of the rona. I want to share my experience on how to secure your http API in Quarkus using JWT, because I think it’s important feature. For comparison with Spring Webflux, you can see my story here, for Spring Webmvc see my repo here.

JWT on Quarkus is more simple than Spring, because it’s an official feature.

1. Setup Project

Go to https://code.quarkus.io/ select at least this 2 package dependency.

Today, finally, Angular 8.0.0 has been release 🎉. For those are didn’t know what’s coming up in version 8, you can look at this article and this video.

This is a major release spanning the entire platform, including the framework, Angular Material, and the CLI with synchronized major versions. [source]

It’s been a long time since my last article on Medium, I’m a little bit busy lately. This time, I want to share my experience on migrating Angular 7 Apps to Angular 8 (with Ivy), at least as far as I try today.

So, I tried to migrate one of…

A couple months ago, Spring Cloud Kubernetes project has been graduated from the incubation process. The project provides Kubernetes integration with Spring Cloud. For those who are not familiar with Kubernetes, you can look at this article, and this, for introduction, and you can start interactive tutorial here.

Spring Cloud provides tools for developers to quickly build some of the common patterns in distributed systems. [source]

One of the functionalities is integration with the Kubernetes ConfigMap.

In general, spring application configuration is created using files (e.g. properties, yaml). There is no problem with this way, until we have many service…

Container Technologies (especially Docker) are one of the hottest trends for deploying apps right now. This story will explain how to deploy Java application using Docker, in a very simple case. For those who are not familiar with container technologies, you can look at this story for introduction.

Without any further ado, let me explain my 5 simple steps 🙂.

1. Install Your Docker

Install your favorite version of docker (if you don’t have it yet), you can follow this instruction.

2. Coding Your Application

Next, you can just coding, test, and build your application as usual. For example, I made a simple http API with Spring Boot.

Security of the application is very important, especially for your http API. JWT is one of the ways for securing (i.e. do authentication and authorization) your http API.

JSON Web Token (JWT) is a JSON-based open standard (RFC 7519) for creating access tokens that assert some number of claims. [source]

This time, I want to share my experience on how to secure your http API in Spring Webflux using JWT, at least as far as I learned until today, for Spring Webmvc you can see my repo here.

1. Setup Project

Make sure to add some dependencies to your project. I used 2.5.0.RELEASE…

Awal saya dapet duit dari hasil koding itu sebagai freelancer waktu saya masih kuliah (kalo ga salah semester 6 atau 7), dapet kerjaan dari temen untuk ngerjain project temennya. Setelah lulus saya memutuskan untuk mencoba kerja full-time onsite di salah satu software company di Bandung. Sebenernya sampe sekarang saya masih juga jadi freelancer sih kalo ada tawaran project yang menarik, gapapa lah ya asal bisa bagi waktu, lumayan buat ngisi tabungan 🤑.

Sesuai judul Tentang Kerja Remote, sebenernya saya saat udah lulus kuliah pengen sih nyobain full-time kerja remote, tapi saat itu belum banyak perusahaan di Indonesia yang open untuk…

Hello, my name is Ardiansyah. I write code for profit and sometimes just for fun. I’m happy to learn something new, especially in software development field, my favourite topics are development experience and productivity, system performance, and system scalability. I mostly work on back-end environment, but sometimes I work on front-end as well especially on my freelance project. I also work on AI/ML project, I know the concept but I’m just a tools user, not really AI/ML researcher.

In free time sometimes I push few code to Github, or to Gitlab for my personal project. I also interested in management…

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