Hello, my name is Ardiansyah. I write code for profit and sometimes just for fun. I’m happy to learn something new, especially in software development field, my favourite topics are development experience and productivity, system performance, and system scalability. I mostly work on back-end environment, but sometimes I work on front-end as well especially on my freelance project. I also work on AI/ML project, I know the concept but I’m just a tools user, not really AI/ML researcher.

In free time sometimes I push few code to Github, or to Gitlab for my personal project. I also interested in management and culture, especially in remote work environment. I save my resources related to remote work in remotework.FYI, you can also share your resources there.

You can check my website ard33.com if you want to find me on another platform.

Hello Medium

I have been on Medium for quite a long time and read many interesting stories here (but only be a silent reader 😅). I think it would be interesting to start sharing my story related to software development here, I hope it can be useful.

See you in next story 🙂

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